About Our Walls

Hundreds of Video Walls - One Simple Price

Everything Included, and Free Shipping!

Why buy from SimpliWalls?

We are industry certified video wall experts.

All our wall packages include:

  • Our pre-configured and pre-programmed 4k/1080p “Basic” video wall controller
  • Professional top brand-name displays – most with 3-years onsite manufacturer’s warranty
  • All required cables and connectors for easy setup
  • Professional display mounts and mounting hardware
  • Zero-client computers for each display
  • Expandable video wall controller for additional displays (including stand-alone) and HDMI inputs
  • Free 4K/1080p video wall content for “commercial use” license (coming soon)
  • Free RiseVision content management software - no license fees
  • Free “lifetime” online video wall technical support
  • Free video wall training* (via video conference)
  • Free shipping on all video wall packages


SimpliWalls provides a total video wall solution, with optional services:


  • Professional onsite installations (within 48 states)
  • Video wall management services
  • Video wall content creation
  • Onsite service calls
  • Custom designed video walls


About Our Video Wall Controllers

SimpliWalls video wall controllers are simply the best and so simple to install. It comes preconfigured and preprogrammed for each wall pattern and ready to use out of the box. Our wall controllers are built with HP commercial servers, and backed by a 3-year HP warranty.

Our controllers also include “award winning” Userful video wall software*. And with all our controllers, you can easily add additional displays, including stand-alone displays and interactive displays, all easily controlled through a web browser, smart phone or tablet. And our controllers are simple to use and include free training.

The most economical, expandable and easiest to use video wall system on the market today.